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      Hi there! I'm Shirley (you knew that).  I'm a hairstylist and makeup artist (but you already knew that too).  What you don't know, is that I'm a native New Yorker,  loving and happy wife, a doting mother, a practical joker, helplessly spoiled by my husband (by that I mean he cooks many yummy meals for me) and if it weren't for my weak American immune system, I'd still be living in Ecuador. . . In a nutshell.
      But you also want to know my qualifications, kinda.  A little reassurance maybe?  Well, having been in the beauty industry for over a decade, experiencing the ever changing trends and demands in hair and makeup artistry, has added greatly to the experience and knowledge needed in my career to be a successful freelancer.
      From beauty school to getting my cosmetology license at 18, to assisting NYC's biggest names, to signing up for numerous classes, to investing in my hair and makeup kits, to  learning international beauty trends, to my webitorial in Lucy's Magazine, to working on my loyal clients for their events.  It has all been a beautiful learning experience and it continues to inspire me to push forward despite the barriers and obstacles.
      It's all these things that allow me to be the professional showing up to work at your door, but also the fellow human you can chat with while I'm working on your hair or makeup. (wink!)

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