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    Hello and thank you for taking a look at my profile.  I am looking for models who are interested in collaborating to create some amazing images together. I am interested in shooting some fine art nudes, and I am very open in terms of your age and look. I am mostly interested in classic black & white, classy artistic images -- i.e., no porn, degrading things or pain. A lot of my images treat the body like a landscape. If you like, it is easy enough to exclude your face from the image just like I did in these images and still make amazing art. So, in the most basic sense, I like to use light and shadow to emphasize the curves of a woman's body. As I mentioned, much of my work uses the body like a landscape as opposed to a person (at times). I end up with some beautiful studies in tone and curve that can be very abstract some of the time and astoundingly sensual at other times. In terms of the actual shooting, I am interested in some fixed poses as well as some images where you would be moving slowly, (i.e. dancing ) as I work with the light that spills across your body. Because we would be doing work with you in the nude, you feeling comfortable is of utmost importance to me. I'd prefer it if our first meeting was just for coffee, so there is no expectations to make you more nervous. If there are other things that would make you feel more comfortable, I am all ears. Just ask. In the end, this is something that I really enjoy doing and hope you will too. If you aren't TOTALLY comfortable with me it'll be less fun and the anxiety comes through in the images. I am also happy to give you the images when I am done processing them. If you would like to use these images for your own enjoyment or display, great. If you need them to enhance your portfolio, know that I don't watermark or copyright the images. They are all yours to do with as you chose. So, if this sounds interesting, I hope you'll get back to me and we can explore this idea further.

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