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      Since her first camera that was gifted to her, Lin fell in love with photography. And, ever since, that love has grown into a passion. Her greatest passion is being a photographer that captures her subject’s best side, and that is exactly what she does in her fashion portrait sessions.

      Lin is a New York City based photographer. In a time where social media is dominating the attention of the people and where mainstream media is becoming obsolete, everyone who wants to be seen, to get their name out there, needs great content, especially visual content.

      A professional portrait or headshot is something to be proud of showing off and treasuring; it can also be essential for your business, your social media profiles, and even your business cards. And so important to a great portrait or fashion shot is to capture you at your best. To do that, Lin knows that a fun photo session where you are enjoying yourself goes a long way in capturing your best side. It's the polar opposite of the awkward, uncomfortable photo shoots you may remember from childhood photo days at school.

      Lin Kerbs' goal is to showcase how approachable, good looking, and talented you are. She's calm, cool, and collected with lots of ideas. At the same time, she loves to hear ideas for what her clients are looking for.

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