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    Jay Kantor
    Photographer Jay Kantor (of Kung Fu Breakfast) is a Los Angeles based artist known primarily for his work in portraiture as well as street art.  Jay captures the fantasy of reality through explorative collaborations with those living a curated life.  Rarely ever in a studio, he loves to explore the surrounding world, focusing primarily on the more desolate and off the beaten path locations that are rarely easy to access and require research, travel, repeat visits, and a taste for the impossible task of knowing.
    Jay studied Film and Photography at Ithaca College, and earned his MFA at Art Center College of Design.  Jay Kantor’s work has been shown at Gabba Gallery, The Hive, and The Heritage Music & Arts Festival.  He presented a solo show of his on-going portrait series “Living Muses” at Arqade Studios last May followed up by a self-curated four person group photo show entitled “Seeing and Being Seen” in which Jay enlisted the services of three fellow photographers to photograph each other and themselves in an attempt to learn more about the ways in which we see ourselves and others.
    Jay Kantor’s work has been published in LA Weekly, Amadeus Magazine, The Vice Creators Project, LAist, My CBD Diary as well as interviews with PRØHBTD, Voyage Miami and Yay! LA!

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