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    I established Ruby Images as a vessel for my creativity. The images I create are always intended to show a uniqueness and beauty to each subject.

    I have so thoroughly enjoyed the truly diverse set of clients I have photographed. I believe that all people are beautiful in their own way, and I am happy to say that I am exemplifying that through my photography. The most joy I get out of photography is when I send the clients their final photos and they react telling me how beautiful and empowered I made them feel.

    Since I was very young, I have always been a fashionista. I have followed major designers and fashion photography for years. I would say that my signature style is creating fashion landscapes, and by that I mean a gorgeous woman in amazing clothing coalescing with her environment. The portraits that I take almost always have a sense of drama and draw the viewer in. I have worked in headshot sessions into my photography packages, where I am able to take a spin on the typical headshot format.

    I truly believe in the essence of each of my subjects. I have always been able to look at someone and instinctively know what looks best on their body, whether it is color, silhouette, fabric, style, jewelry, hair, makeup, etc.

    I am known to be a hard worker and perfectionist, so I am never afraid to go above and beyond with clients, whether that is taking extra time to plan a shoot or pushing the limits the day of with forward-thinking photography. I am humbled by the process of growing as a photographic artist, and I feel as though with every shoot I grow.

    Experience wise, I have shot the following types of people: opera singers, actors, burlesque dancers, dancers, activists, models, couples and children. My first wedding is coming up in the spring of 2018. I am available for the following types of photography shoots: headshots, website photos, promotional photography, engagement photos, couple photos, weddings, children photography, family photography, fashion photography, model portfolio building, senior portraits, corporate headshots, and boudoir photographs. Feel free to contact me with your vision, and we can make it happen!

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