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      My name is Alexandra Espinal, I was born in the lovely island of Dominican Republic and I have been living in the State of New Jersey since 2006. I love photography since my young age; always I was fascinated with the family photos and dreamed to capture them with my own camera one day. Today those dreams became a beautiful reality. I have participated in several Collective Exhibitions in Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.
      Life has taken me through many experiences; I would love to share one my life challenges with you. so you can know me a little more and even at some point feel identified with me. I went through the difficult disease of cancer and everything l've experienced has led me to rethink many things in my life. Thank God, today I have a chance to live. When you go through that terrible disease, life changes you and changes you for the best. Your way of looking at life is different; every day represents a new reason to be grateful!
      Today, I value life more than ever! I love that my work allows me to meet new people and also reconnect with old friends along the way.
      I am looking forward to meeting you and documenting your memories! I would love to be able to tell your stories through my photographic lens.
      I’m here to celebrate you! I believe that every individual has a unique story, and that story deserves to be shared and preserved for the next generation.
      I would like to celebrate your life!

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