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Do you know why spring is the best season of all? You can never go wrong with an outfit.

Imagine never having to worry about your coat-priceless. If I was a season, I will be spring. I mean you are neither too hot nor too cold. Spring is the time when I choose to go wild with my wardrobe”.

With the new season fast approaching, here are 6 tips on how to rock your look effortlessly.


Trends always come back and so jumpsuits. You have seen them on catwalks over the years. The reason for this is because they are comfortable, easy to style and effortless. A stripe jumpsuit can change your look instantly. I usually go for fitted black and white stripe jumpsuit. It adds elegance and grace to your appearance.

Jumpsuit/Playsuit makes you look taller with confidence


Like I often say: “Pastels are women’s best friends”. You can never go wrong wearing a pastel dress, skirt or shirt. Pastels remind me of the 80’s where women wore their outfits with comfort and ease. The only advise that I can give when choosing to wear a pastel garment, is to make sure you balance out your attire. For example: a pastel skirt–shoes and bag all in one, can be overbearing. Black and white will always be the best options when balancing out an outfit.

-Nude Jacket/Trench-

Spring and jackets are a made in heaven. A beautiful camel jacket will always give sophistication to your look. Nothing beats a nude trench during spring. The contrast between the season’s colours and nudes is impeccable.


I could rock this colour everyday of the year. I know many people would prefer to wear coral outfits during summer. But even without a tan, you can still go for it. Coral compliments the season. Furthermore, it adds freshness to your look. A high waist trousers and a white top changes your appearance. Coral outfits are best worn with either blacks or whites.

-Bright Pink-

This colour can be a hard to wear but, not impossible. Bright pink is one those colours you must know how to style it otherwise you can go overboard. Whenever you don’t know how to combine your outfit, choose black. The choice of this colour will also depend on your skin undertone. Although it can compliment many skin tones. If you have a warm skin undertone, I will suggest pairing this colour with white. Yet, I will only go for a bright pink jacket. Thus is you have a cool undertone, have fun with it.


Last but not least is the floral pattern. Back in the days, a choice of a floral dress was left to our grannies or mothers. Nowadays, this trend has taken over catwalks across the globe. My hint for the perfect floral dress? Less is better. Paired with a pair of sandals, wedges or flats–you will still rock the dress. Whatever look you are going for, be comfortable in it and make sure to slay!

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