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See, everyone has their own path to walk in life. You are a unique individual! So it’s the only right that we work with your own Divine Soul Blueprint to facilitate your highest personal transformation.

As a Reiki Practitioner and empowerment process facilitator, I combine both of these powerful and effective modalities to cleaner what no longer served your highest good so that you can gracefully awaken to higher experiences of Love, Light, Peace and Oneness.

Take back your personal power as an unlimited being and create the life you have always dreams of.

Schedule a session today! Namaste!

What’s Reiki Session?

Reiki is a non-denomitational relaxation technique that eases stress, soothes anxiety, and alleviates chronic pain. It also purifies the aura and uplifts the mind! Sessions require to lay down, relax in a comfortable position, and receive the healing therapeutic energies of Reiki.

About Jairus: 

I’m a Usui Reiki Practicioner and young entrepreneur. I was certified in Reiki back in the summer of 2016. I just launched my spiritual practice called Energetic Fruitions a few months ago. I love to go out with friends, connect to nature in the forest preserves, travel the country, and facilitate energy work! I really love my city of Chicago! I was born and raised here and love exploring the different neighborhoods. I go to a group meditation center in Downer’s Grove called The Flowering Heart Center. I’m certified in several other modalities as well such as: The Empowerment Process for Energetic Transformation, Oneness Diksha, and Supreme Heartlight Diksha. All of my modalities offer unique and incredible energetic experience which are tailored to specific aspects of your unique soul essence! Some of my favorite places I’ve traveled so far are Big Island Hawaii, San Diego, and Sedona Arizona! I fully believe that we are all One in the unity of our collective consciousness. I know that Supreme Love and Supreme Light is our ultimate reality, and that by experiencing energy work such as the services I provide, one can resonate at higher frequencies of their true nature, and merge with their Divine Sacred Self! All of my services are non-denominational, so it doesn’t matter if you’re religious, agnostic, atheist, or somewhere inbetween. Energetic Fruitions is here to help you Flourish as a Fully Awakened Being! Namasté!

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