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You want to book me, photographer Michael Schacht, because you want something different.

I’m not like other people and I’m totally okay with that. I grew up in the arts. I burned through sketch books on a weekly basis. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was actually studying photography. I would purchase magazines and then sketch from the photographs on the covers.  It never occurred to me to pick up a camera. After sketching I went on to painting, and eventually just lost interest in the art programs at my school and started taking college classes. I honestly didn’t believe that a career as an artist was a reasonable goal. I learned a lot about sales and marketing in those years after college. I worked for a few companies in various sales and management capacities in the construction industry, and when the housing market crashed, I decided it was time to go back to my artistic roots.  When I’m not taking pictures, I’m studying my photography heroes, and there’s no shortage of them. While on this wild ride, I’ve dabbled in all kinds of photography, but in the end, it’s people and storytelling that I find the most fascinating.


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Location 9405 Dundee Place
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