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Editorial Glamour

Photographer/Owner – Nick Peacock

My name is Nick, and I’m the owner and creator behind Peacock Eye Photography. I’ve been working and creating in the photography industry for over 15 years.

My portraits have been published and seen internationally on a variety of different magazines. I started this company because I have always had a passion for finding beauty in the simple moments. Every day people inspired me, working with people who feel that they are not unique or special enough to be seen beautifully is my absolute favorite thing it to prove them wrong and show them like never before. 

My style of photography and editing is to highlight people naturally, by finding or creating their very best light. Each of my portraits are hand-edited to maintain true-to-life imagery with small improvements. I treat photography as it’s meant to be; a style of art, storytelling, and excitement. Through my clients I cultivate my artistic style to tell their stories and craft them into exceptional portraiture that will last for generations.

I find its important that when you choose a photographer for your portraits that you choose someone who not only delivers quality work, but makes the experience one that you truly enjoy again and again!

Even more about me : )

I live in Aurora, IL, a western suburb of Chicago, with my wife and 3 children. I love watching movies ALOT, yes even Disney sing-alongs with the kiddos : ) Playing the latest gaming systems with them and exploring and discovering hidden town gems with my wife are thing I love to do in my downtime.

To view more of his work, please visit his profile here.

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Notes for Customer The different styles I shoot are Glamour, Cosplay, and creating content for Patreon owners.
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