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Model Justine Jones goes by the professional name MizsJones and is one of the best fashion models in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a highly-motivated, bi-lingual model (she speaks German fluently) and a self-taught makeup artist. She always looks her best and gives you her best work. She has worked with many reputable and respected Photographers in the industry and cannot wait to work with new artists.

From Model Justine Jones (aka MizsJones):

We all have a story to tell and how we once started with our career. Well, ever since I was a young teenage girl I dreamed of becoming a model when I grow up. In High school, I happened to be the only dark-skinned, Nerd looking girl, with glasses, bushy brows and a slight lady mustache tomboy. I was always amazed and inspired by these gorgeous women in magazines that I wanted to become one myself. But not only just to be viewed as a pretty face, I wanted to inspire and encourage Women all over the world that you can be anything if you truly believe in yourself. After High school, unfortunately, plans changed. I attended Nursing School, moved to a different City started a new life, met the love of my life, became pregnant with our beautiful daughter Nia (3) and moved to the U.S (2015) to begin our beautiful journey as a little Family. The dream of becoming a model never once departed my mind because I knew that the Lord had plans for me. A couple of years later at the beginning of 2017, i was giving an opportunity to collaborate with Professional Photographer Jerry A. Barnes. He welcomed me with benignant hospitality and guided me through this first professional experience with comfort, kindness, professionalism, knowledge and most importantly assurance. To this day we reconnect for awesome up and coming projects and future Events. It has Opened many new Opportunities for me as a Commercial Fashion Model and I have gained proper exposure to network and connect with some of the greatest in the entertainment industry.

I am an outgoing, bubbly, fun, driven Individual that is open to new projects and meet new like-minded people with comparable passions. I am very open-minded and strive to become the best version of myself, I consider everything that I participate in a learning experience and a great opportunity for growth.


To view more work of MiszJones, please visit her work here. 

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