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The gorgeous Kat Katopes is a top Chicago fashion model and this is your opportunity to work with her on the runway or for a photo shoot. She stands out, always beaming out of every image, attracting your audience’s attention. A tall, slender, brunette that moves with skill and grace, Kat is a remarkable, versatile model. Her looks are the kind that belong on the cover of fashion magazines. She has the perfect body to show off designs and creates poses that draw you in.


Her generous modeling talent has come from hard work and experience. Kat has worked with creative and talented people in the fashion and art world – and she loves every minute of it. Her poses transcend to those of the great editorial models, having that something in their look that is hard to describe but that you can feel unmistakably when you see it. If you are looking for supermodel talent in Chicago, you’ve found it in Kat Katopes.

To view more work of  Kat Katopes, please visit her profile here.

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