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NYC-based model and soprano singer Elizaveta Kozlova (aka DreamLiza) dazzles in front of the camera. Her beautiful looks, which feel classic right down to her perfectly placed birthmark, leave a long lasting impression. She has exceptional posing skills that seems to conjure feelings in her audience at will. When you see her, you can feel her dramatic presence and it translates beautifully into her photos. 

You can tell Elizaveta loves her work. She plays with character, emotion, and setting with her poses. Because of that, you can get such a great range of looks from your sessions with her. She has experience in front of and behind the camera, so she knows how to work with a photographer to give them her best. Work with Elizaveta Kozlova and work with a model that is a true expert and lover of the craft.

To view more work from Elizaveta Kozlova‘s, please visit her profile here.

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