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Chicago photographer Elizaveta Svinina’s style is natural, fresh, and full of feeling. When you look at her photos, you feel there is a story behind them. Elizaveta has a the keen eye of a great event photographer and also does beautiful personal photography, and this session is for either – just let her know in the details during booking. She takes absolutely lovely pictures of couples and their families on their wedding day. For any event, she captures sincere and upbeat energy in the event, making it come to life in its pictures. She makes the people and the place look gorgeous with a timeless beauty.

For personal photography sessions, which are on location, she takes amazing portraits of you that seem to capture part of who you are. But it doesn’t need to be just portraits of you, your session can include you together with other people in your life. Elizaveta takes beautiful pictures of couples, family, and friends. She takes beautiful black and white pictures as well as in color, making the most out of every look and setting.

To view more work of Elizaveta Svinina‘s, please visit her profile here.

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