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Book photographer Daniel Delgado for a 2 hour color or black and white photo shoot. This shoot includes 2-3 looks with 10 – 15 edited images per look.

Based in Chicago, photographer Daniel Delgado is best known for his beautifully lit, urban portraits. He is well known for his black & white work but also does beautiful work in color. His black and white photos, which he calls Spotlights, utilize the harsh light seeping between tall buildings to highlight his subjects. In doing this, Daniel creates a theatrical, almost calm, scene of the city.

You may be drawn to his work, not only for its quality, but also because of his magnificent use of B&W photography. After all, it was the beginning of photography, 200 years ago. And still today, the black and white aesthetic creates a timeless escape from the modern age – into a space that’s neither past nor present. It’s a layer that is exists on its own. That is what Daniel’s work channels,

When you think about color, it creates a brighter scene and sets a standard of the world around us, because of our experiences. Most think about color as the opposite of black and white – color images like fuller, more detailed versions. Yet, the more you see in black and white, the richer a moment can be. It allows you to strip down the natural world and truly experience its core elements: light, subject, and depth. 

Seeing the world in black and white doesn’t give a flat view of reality, but teaches you how to see and depict the different spaces between each grey tone. It encourages you to take a step back and notice the differences in how light invokes the space and how shades of color will translate into a variety of grey tones.

Anticipate, take notice, and take the shot.


To view more of his work, please visit his profile here. 

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