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Growing up, I had mixed feeling with regards to what elegance is to be. When you are still in your early 20’s, everything is ‘fashionable’ and allowed. Yet, as time goes by, you start to realize your taste has changed when it comes to your wardrobe.

The choices of my garment begin to change; and so my attitude towards my look. What I realized was, elegance is simplicity.

Today I will give you some tips on how to be elegant in 2018. But before, I would like to remind you that style is personal, so these tips will only be a general guidance.


Simplicity and elegance goes together like butter and jam. Always aim for a clean and easy look. Avoid adding to your look anything you deem unnecessary. In-fact, I will suggest looking at yourself in the mirror before leaving your home. If you notice any extra accessory, please leave it behind.

-Keep It Neutral-

Neutrals are your best friend. You don’t have to stick to black or white. As a matter of fact, pastels work very well. Recently, I am loving pink blush, camel, grey and khaki. You are free to venture with other colors but, be sure not to pair more than 3 colors at the same time.

Tip: If you are a lover of casual look like myself, the color of your jeans is important. Always choose the darkest pair of jeans you can find. A black pair of jeans can easily be dressed up and down.


Ironing is often disregarded but, a well ironed garment looks more elegant and expensive. Tip: steam ironing is great. I would also recommend investing on some dry-cleaning. I have been doing so for many years, and it works. I do not wash all my clothes at the dry cleaner but, only jackets and blazers. Keeping my jackets dry-cleaned, made a difference. You don’t have to send your blazer to the dry-cleaner every time you wear it. But, be sure to send t once in a while so it can maintain its shape.

-Polished Shoes-

A pair of well polished shoes give an impression of elegance. Ensure your shoes are clean by polishing them and removing any marks or scratch they may have. Tip: Leather shoes are the best because they last longer and are easier to maintain.

-Timeless Accessories-

Invest in some timeless accessory–it doesn’t have to be expensive. What I do, I spend in small goods because I can’t afford the other products. You don’t have to own a Chanel bag but, you can own a Chanel purse or earrings. Another great accessory to invest on are sunglasses. A pair of them can transform your face and look instantly. Tip: The Jackie O and Tortoise sunglasses look great on anyone. As for your bags, the brand doesn’t matter. In-fact, the subtle the brand the more elegant you will appear.

Tip: Only wear a leather bag–it’s timeless.

-Clean hairstyle and Beauty-

What will elegance be without and fresh cut and neutral make-up? worthless… A tidy hairstyle is a must and so the make-up. Tip: Avoid harsh eyebrows and heavy mascara. I would advice not to apply mascara on your bottom lashes because it will make you look younger and fresh. I would also stay away from heavy dark smoky eye and opt for a warm soft smoky eye instead. Nails are also important, so, choose a neutral polish shade to your skin complexion.


Last but not least is your attitude. The way you carry yourself speaks louder than any bag or shoe. Carry yourself with grace, after all you are a lady. You can express your point of view without being rude.

Tip: Smile often. A smile is contagious and free.

As a conclusion, these are only general guidelines. Whatever look you are go for, choose comfort above anything else. There is nothing elegant about feeling uncomfortable with ourselves.

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