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“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”-Coco Chanel

Every girl’s dream is probably a wardrobe full of bags, shoes, clothes and lots of accessories. After all, women are the epitome of beauty and perfection in the eyes of some artist. Today, I will travel to Paris and be inspired by the fashion style of Parisian girls from the 80s till now. Last week, I reviewed the differences between Korean and French fashion. But today I will stay in Paris and review the wardrobe of a true Parisian girl. Before starting on my review, I will remind you of how beautiful you are. You don’t have to follow fashion if you do not desire so, yet, be open to inspirations. Parisian girls aren’t the typical uptown girls or ‘bourgeoise’ like they will call them. They are middle-class women with financial restraint and a flair to style. Middle-class French girls are cheap when they shop, yet they do not give up on quality.

-La petite Robe Noire-

The little black dress is a timeless piece. As Coco Chanel would say “One is never-under or over-dressed with a little black dress” Most Parisian girls will have at least one black dress in their wardrobe. It’s chic, effortless and affordable. The dress is versatile and suits all body shapes. If you are a pear shape like myself, it’s a great way to hide your thighs.

-Un Trench-

If there is one thing I will always choose in my wardrobe, that will be a trench coat. You can never go wrong with one. Whether you are on an errand running or out and about; a trench coat will always give an extra touch to your attire. The best colours are the neutral ones. Still a punch of colour can also enhance your outfit. Mustard and blush are my favourite when it comes to adding colours to my wardrobe. They both enhance my skin tone and elevate the standard of any outfit I wear.

-La Chemise Blanche-

If I didn’t speak French, I will think that this is some fancy garment. But this is the classic white shirt. Now when it comes to shirts, I wouldn’t go for a long arm shirt because I am petite and pear shaped. I love to accentuate my arms and shoulders. But If you are of a different shape, this will look fabulous on. I would recommend going for a plain white shirt. Motives will take away the beauty and simplicity of your entire outfit. Yet, if motives are your favorite, go for a plain bottom to balance out your look.


-Le Chemiser –

Although like ‘la chemise’, le chemisier is a blouse. A blouse is a must in a woman’s wardrobe. Another classic but yet feminine piece. You can rock it with anything and, dress it up or down according to the look you are going for. Again, I would recommend neutral colors like peach, blush and brown. If you fancy something more classic, why not go for a ‘petit pois’ (polka dot) blouse.

-Des Lunettes de Soleil –

A Parisian girl wouldn’t be one without a pair of glamorous thick sunglasses. Many people love the aviator by Ray Ban but, I prefer a pair of Coco Chanel sunglasses. Other brands offer the same design such as: céline, Dior and Prada. However, the brand doesn’t matter if you choose one according to your facial shape.


Last but not least are the boots. How not to blame them, a pair of boots can elevate any outfit. Pear shaped or not, there is a choice for everyone.

We come from different walks of life but, what connect women is the urge to express ourselves through what we wear. I am sure in every woman, lives a little Parisian girl, Voilà!

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