What should I do if someone asks to do the payment outside of the Athenasphere website?

Don’t send them money or your personal information, and let us know (athenasphere@athenasphere.com). We’ll never ask you to pay for anything outside of our site, through email, or through a third-party booker.


Why should I pay and communicate through Athenasphere directly?

Paying and communicating through Athenasphere helps ensure that you’re protected with your payment. It also makes it easy to find and reference important booking details like location to meet, contact details, booking date/time and other useful information. We can’t provide these benefits if your booking isn’t booked and paid for directly through Athenasphere.

Paying or communicating outside of Athenasphere also makes it harder for us to protect your information and puts you at greater risk of fraud and other security issues.

What if someone asks me to email/text them offsite?

We highly suggest asking your client to book you directly through Athenasphere’s platform. It can be very risky to do bookings offsite; whereas, by booking through Athenasphere, information is tracked and the payment is transferred securely.

How does booking work?

When you book an artist, the information you enter is sent to the artist including the booked time, your requested location, and your contact information. The artist then has 48 hours to confirm or decline the booking. If they decline the booking or do not reply within 48 hours, you are given the choice to either receive a full refund or put your payment towards a new booking request.

Our payment system is engineered for safety and trust.

The rate booked is transferred to the artist within 24 hours after the booked session. If the artist fails to show up to the session, report the incident to Athenasphere at athenasphere@athenasphere.com to request a full refund.

Does Athenasphere take a commission off of the rate given on listings for artists’ services?


Is there a charge for membership or selling your services on Athenasphere?


Do you need to be buying or selling services to be a member of Athenasphere?

No. There is plenty to do other than buying or selling services. We are not just a marketplace, we are an online community. There are galleries of photos and videos to explore, artists’ portfolios, blogs, and you can communicate with the artists. You can also share your own photos, videos, and blogs for our art community to enjoy.

How to contact us?

Please email at: athenasphere@athenasphere for any questions or inquires.

What kind of artists can you find on Athenasphere?

Athenasphere is a fun community and marketplace where you can find and book photographers, models, makeup artists, live entertainment, and other artists showing off and selling their services.

Rates not quotes?

That’s right. The services sold through Athenasphere are offered at flat rates that you can browse up front along with samples of each artists’ work. There is no mystery about cost here. This is to make it straightforward for artists to show off their quality for cost and give clients the easiest and best shopping experience for creative services.

How do payments work on Athenasphere?

People booking make their payment using credit card, debit card, or PayPal at the time of booking. If you have any questions or details you wish to discuss about the services you are interested in, we recommend communicating those with the artist prior to booking by sending them a message. The rate at which services were booked is transferred to the artist within 1 business day after the reserved time (using their preferred method: PayPal, Chase QuickPay, Zelle, or Venmo). If the artist fails to show up and provide the booked services at the agreed upon location and time, the client may contact Athenasphere at athenasphere@athenasphere.com during the booked time to receive a refund. This is designed for security and safety for the people booking and for the artists in our community.

What safety / security does Athenasphere provide?

Our payment method makes sure that artists in our community get paid for the services they are booked for as well as makes sure our artists are present at the booked time and location to provide their booked services; otherwise, a refund is given to the client. There is none of the risk or discomfort of exchanging cash on site.

How do you book someone through Athenasphere?

It is as easy as a few clicks. Click on an available date on the calendar in their listing (available dates are light blue), pick an available time, and choose how long you would like to book them for. Upon clicking “Purchase,” you will be redirected to your cart where you can make your payment securely using credit card, debit card, or PayPal to finalize booking of the artist. If you have any questions or details you wish to discuss about the services you are interested in, we recommend communicating those with the artist prior to booking by sending them a message.

What methods can artists choose from to receive their payment for services?

You can choose to receive payment using PayPall, Chase QuickPay, Zelle, or Venmo. You will be asked for the email associated with your preferred method at the time of receiving payment for the first time.

How do you contact / send a message to someone on Athenasphere?

Whether you are on someone’s profile page or in the listing for someone’s services, you can send them a message by clicking “Send Message” or the envelope icon. You do need to be logged in to send messages. An email notification will be sent to the receiver of the message (however, to respond, sign into Athenasphere and respond from your messages there).

How do you respond to a message on Athenasphere?

Upon receiving a message, you will receive an email notification. To respond, log into Athenasphere and access your messages by clicking on the envelope on the top right (on your computer) or under the drop down menu (on mobile devices). Do not respond to the message by sending an email response to the notification because that will not reach the sender of the message.

How do you visit someone’s profile?

You can get to someone’s profile, where you can see all their listings, photos, videos, and blogs, by clicking their name or avatar anywhere you see it in the site.

How do you make changes to your profile, change your password or email, add listings, and edit listings?

The drop down menu near your avatar (on a computer) or the main drop down menu (on mobile devices) gives links to create a listing, write a blog, view your favorite/saved items, view your profile, edit the Bio/About Me section of your profile, upload your avatar, upload a background for your profile, view your photo galleries and add photos, go to settings, and log out. For even greater control over editing your profile, changing your password or email, and to edit listings you have already made, you can find those tools in “Settings.” Note, it is recommended to create and edit listings from a computer rather than a mobile device due to screen size.

Are there any requirements for a listing?

For a listing to be publicly shown, it must be a service that is to be sold that is to be performed at a time and place, it must be offered in a location included in our community (currently in and in the vicinity of Chicago, IL), and must be offered at a flat rate (greater than $10/hr) within Athenasphere. The listing must not redirect outside the site to complete the booking nor state that the transaction for booking is to take place outside Athenasphere. The rate must be such that if the listing is booked at that rate, a client has paid the full amount for the services within that listing. The decision to publicly post a listing is also based on quality of the description of the services in the listing as well as the images and photos within that listing. There are no hard rules as to what quality will be accepted. It is the discretion of Athenasphere employees to make the decision if a listing is acceptable whether based on quality or any other reason. In general, professional and/or artistically inspired photos and videos are preferred and short (~2 sentence) descriptions not stating clearly what services will be provided are not adequate. Also, Athenasphere may take steps to check whether information in your listing or profile is factual.

How do I save a listing, photo, video, blog I like to see it later?

If there is a listing, photo, video, or blog you want to save to view later, simply click the heart icon near it. You can then find all your saved items by clicking “Favorites” under the drop down menu near your avatar at the top right (on a computer) or in the main drop down menu (on a mobile device). To save to your Favorites as well as view your Favorites, you must be logged in.

Ways to communicate with artists?

You can send them messages from their profiles and listings. Also, you can leave comments on the photos you like – your support and admiration of their work makes artists want to create more and helps the community thrive. 🙂

Is my contact information safe?

Yes. We do not give your contact information (such as email or phone number) out to anyone accept to the artist after you have completed booking them and they have accepted the booking, and the artist’s contact information is only sent to the client after the artist has accepted the booking.

How far in advance should I book the services of an artist?

We suggest booking, at a minimum, 48 hours prior to the desired booked time. Earlier is preferred and some artists request more time prior; and, if they do, they generally say so in their listings. After booking an artist, the artist is contacted and given 24 hours to either accept or decline a booking. If the artist does not accept the booking, you are given the choice of either a full refund or a credit towards a different booking.

Does the artist have the decision to accept or decline a booking of their services?

After booking an artist, the artist is contacted and given 24 hours to either accept or decline a booking. If the artist does not accept the booking, you are given the choice of either a full refund or a credit towards a different booking.

Is Athenasphere an agency?

Our goal is to provide the best online art community and marketplace to book high quality creative services. However, Athenasphere is not an agency / talent agency and the people selling their services on Athenasphere are not employed by Athenasphere nor is Athenasphere responsible for them or their actions.

Not just a marketplace of creative services, Athenasphere is an art community?

On Athenasphere, you not only can buy or sell creative services. Users can explore and create galleries of photos and videos to show off their talent, post blogs, and, most importantly, talk with and support each other. So, make friends, comment on their work/photos, connect with your peers, collaborate!