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 What does athenasphere do for you as a lister?


You can put up any kind of Experience as a listing!

Seriously, anything! You are only limited by your imagination (and, ahem, the law, Keep it clean people!) Here is a short list of ideas: tours, cooking lessons, music lessons, offer gigs as a band, dog walking, make a kite, brew some beer, offer an evening of wine tasting (check IDs!), give bowling lessons, teach a language, show off your favorite restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, or hangouts, teach people to learn to drive (they better have a driver’s permit!), introduce newcomers to their new town, offer to be a designated driver for a night, wax someone’s car, conduct a carpentry workshop, give painting lessons, give pottery lessons… Get the drift? Athenasphere wants you to do something you are passionate about, but it’s really up to you.

It takes care of scheduling and is flexible to any schedule.

You don’t need to have a stable schedule to put up a listing on Athenasphere. You don’t need to offer a daily, weekly, or monthly listing. You are not expected to be a full time freelancer. You can pick any time of any day to put up a listing and you can offer it just once or on as many days as you like and each session can be as long as you like.

You don’t need to own a business to try a business.

If you have an idea for something you think will sell, you can put it up on Athenasphere first before you even think about what it would take to turn it into a business.

It generates a webpage to show off what your listing is all about

The platform generates a personalized listing webpage based upon your input. From then on out, if you run into someone who might want to buy your service, you have somewhere to send them to book you. And it isn’t some stock page slapped together that will look like someone else’s. Athenasphere is designed to help you sell your listing. You can draw people’s attention to your offered service by putting up images, audio, and video. Oh, and by the way, creating bookable listings is free!

Safe payment transactions taken care of.

When someone books your listing, the transaction is taken care of on the site using a safe and proven method, Credit card/PayPal account.

It’s a COMMUNAL marketplace.

The site is designed so that you can talk back and forth between users within the site. You can message each other and leave comments on listings even if you don’t buy a listing from that user. There is also an integrated rating/reviewing system for users after they have bought a listing. Which brings us to the next point…

You can build a reputation.

As your listings get booked more and more and if people enjoyed your service, they can give you high ratings and good reviews to incite even more people to book your listings. Again, Athenasphere wants you to succeed!


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