How to Be Elegant in 2018

| 3 min read | Growing up, I had mixed feeling with regards to what elegance is to be. When you are still in your early 20’s, everything is ‘fashionable’ and allowed. Yet, as time goes by, you start to realize your taste has changed when it comes to your wardrobe. The choices of my garment begin to change; and […]

Spring: Rock your Wardrobe

| 2 min read | Do you know why spring is the best season of all? You can never go wrong with an outfit. “Imagine never having to worry about your coat-priceless. If I was a season, I will be spring. I mean you are neither too hot nor too cold. Spring is the time when I choose to go […]

Garde Robe d’une Parisienne-Wardrobe of a Parisian Girl

| 3 min read | “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”-Coco Chanel Every girl’s dream is probably a wardrobe full of bags, shoes, clothes and lots of accessories. After all, women are the epitome of beauty and perfection in the eyes of some artist. Today, I will travel to Paris and be inspired by the fashion style of […]

5 ways to make the most of your Boudoir Shoot

| 2 min read | Hi All! Here are 5 tips, whether you have booked a boudoir photo shoot or are still on the fence about booking one, to  make sure you are prepared for your session. 1. Do it for YOURSELF before anything. Boudoir photos can make a great gift to a significant other during special occasions such as […]

Korean Fashion vs French Fashion

| 3 min read | Trends come and go, so sticking to one style can be hard when everyone seems to follow the hype. Today I will write a review with regards to both French and Korean fashion. French fashion is known for its clichés. Le béret, la marinière and the black trousers. Usually people will imagine a French person […]

Fashion Trends I Hope Will Disappear in 2018

| 3 min read | “I love trying new things – from beauty supplies to clothes. But, lately, I have noticed an increase in some awful trends. We have been there at some point in our lives, experimenting new things is cool and fun. Some people take the trend too far at times”. 2017 has been a year full of […]

5 Steps to Avoid Fast Fashion

| 3 min read | “I shopped weekly to the point I never had savings for the rest of the month. I was so hopeless, but just didn’t care about anyone’s opinion.” I used to buy clothes just for the sake of it because I loved the thrill of going shopping and having something new to add to my wardrobe. […]

Photoshop Tips on Retouching and Altering Images – Part 1

| 4 min read | Many of these tools require you to paint directly on the image yourself so your skills as an artist and your dexterity, or your lack thereof, immediately come into play. Let’s talk about what everyone likely thinks about when they hear Photoshop, using it for retouching and altering images. Though it is at the heart […]

Boost your confidence instantly before wearing your clothes.

| 2 min read | ”Your best dress is your confidence, so wear it as often as you like.” Have you ever felt a lack of confidence even wearing your favorite wardrobe attire?… I have seen women wear beautiful outfits and, yet, these garments didn’t look their best on them. It’s not because the women weren’t attractive; on the contrary, […]

Portrait Photography – Basic Tips

| 4 min read | Whether the shoot happens in a studio or on-location and whether the look you are going for is posed or candid, the focus of portrait photography is to try to capture the character, the heart and soul, of your subject. To do this, unless you know them already, you must make efforts to get some […]

We Love Stickers!

| < 1 min read | I decided to run to Fedex and print out some of these! ? Freelance stickers! They are so much fun! Please grab ’em folks and enjoy! Credit to:

SAIC Ballroom — One of Chicago’s Newest Treasures

| < 1 min read | Story taken from the SAIC website. Ascending the grand staircase of the SAIC Ballroom, your guests are transported to another era. Like a scene out of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, the gilded jazz age of the Roaring 20s, your special event will radiate classic elegance. Formerly the Illinois Athletic Club, this room has been restored […]

[Guest speaker opportunity] TEACH YOUR PASSION

| < 1 min read | You have the chance to experience and make use of a top-notch podcast studio to talk about your passion to a large audience. Our Teach Your Passion podcast episodes will be played in Itunes and within our sponsor Athenasphere’s new integrated podcast feature.  What is the subject matter talked about in the podcast? You, as a special […]

Creating a freelance listing

| 2 min read |  What does athenasphere do for you as a lister? WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED! You can put up any kind of Experience as a listing! Seriously, anything! You are only limited by your imagination (and, ahem, the law, Keep it clean people!) Here is a short list of ideas: tours, cooking lessons, music lessons, offer […]

The Apocalyst-Do things you want to do

| < 1 min read | STOP DOING THE THINGS YOU FEEL OBLIGATED TO DO, START DOING THE THINGS YOU WANT TO DO we should live our lives like there is no tomorrow. “If you are waiting for a sign, let this be it. Whatever it is, don’t wait until it’s too late. Do it, it will be amazing. You never […]

Welcome to Athenasphere

| < 1 min read | WELCOME TO ATHENASPHERE We’re a community of passionate dreamers, connecting people who spread love and encouragement to each other in real life. We believe that you deserve a safe place to share your passion. We are working to create a vibrant social marketplace of students, residents, locals, visitors and tourists happily sharing their spare time […]