Photoshop Tips on Retouching and Altering Images – Part 1

| 4 min read | Many of these tools require you to paint directly on the image yourself so your skills as an artist and your dexterity, or your lack thereof, immediately come into play. Let’s talk about what everyone likely thinks about when they hear Photoshop, using it for retouching and altering images. Though it is at the heart […]

Miami PhotoShoot

| < 1 min read | Miami is a city full of backyard parties, seamless beaches and delicious drinks. Here is some of my shots from different locations in Miami.   Artistic vibe everywhere!    

[Guest speaker opportunity] TEACH YOUR PASSION

| < 1 min read | You have the chance to experience and make use of a top-notch podcast studio to talk about your passion to a large audience. Our Teach Your Passion podcast episodes will be played in Itunes and within our sponsor Athenasphere’s new integrated podcast feature.  What is the subject matter talked about in the podcast? You, as a special […]

Why do I love yoga?

| < 1 min read | Yoga is like a journey to purify everything. This world, this season, this life, this body, this mind.. Falling in love with yoga is due to my neck problem and my dad’s accident. It leads me to believe that in some extend there are more than this physical world, there are more than you can […]

Creating a freelance listing

| 2 min read |  What does athenasphere do for you as a lister? WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED! You can put up any kind of Experience as a listing! Seriously, anything! You are only limited by your imagination (and, ahem, the law, Keep it clean people!) Here is a short list of ideas: tours, cooking lessons, music lessons, offer […]

The Apocalyst-Do things you want to do

| < 1 min read | STOP DOING THE THINGS YOU FEEL OBLIGATED TO DO, START DOING THE THINGS YOU WANT TO DO we should live our lives like there is no tomorrow. “If you are waiting for a sign, let this be it. Whatever it is, don’t wait until it’s too late. Do it, it will be amazing. You never […]

Welcome to Athenasphere

| < 1 min read | WELCOME TO ATHENASPHERE We’re a community of passionate dreamers, connecting people who spread love and encouragement to each other in real life. We believe that you deserve a safe place to share your passion. We are working to create a vibrant social marketplace of students, residents, locals, visitors and tourists happily sharing their spare time […]