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Emily is excited to meet new photographers and new stylists to create new looks and new art. Emily is a performing artist through and through.

When she isn’t modeling, she is a dancer. She has been dancing since a very young age and is currently a part of Ascendence Dance Chicago, which is dedicated to the design, creation and passion for performance pieces.

She loves to use aesthetics and posture to its dramatic effect spanning the full range of human emotion in a way that is naturally attuned to the human heart.

She has the grace and control of her body of a dancer, and she uses this skill to her advantage in making her a fantastic model.She is also innately energetic and has a beauty that is full of life, and this always comes through in her photo shoots. She is also easily in tune with her photographers, getting a feel for the aesthetic they are looking for and the best poses to attain it.

To enjoy more of her work, visit her profile here

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City to meet Chicago
Location Flexible
Distance Willing to Travel 5 miles
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