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Photographer Merci Alex (aka Pedro “Alex” Fundora) has a style that feels cinematic. Your photos of you will undoubtedly be of you, but a version of you that feels larger than life. He makes normal looks and settings feel momentous; he packs such a dramatic punch. Looking at his work, you can tell he sees the world with the eyes of an artist, he brings a sense of wonder and awe to your portrait and a depth of beauty that will leave you with a speechless smile.


The photos you create together are going to be the kind that large audiences can’t get enough of. They are the kind that transport the viewer with their gorgeous mastery over light, shadow, and color. 15-20 finished photos are included with each hour you book with photographer Merci Alex. And he will edit them in the way that you like to get you the result you are looking for.

  To view more work from Merci Alex, please visit his profile here.

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