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Hello and thank you for visiting my site. I’m excited to welcome you to the studio and look forward to becoming a stop on your artistic journey. – Oleg Knock


Oleg Knock spent most of his early years drawing & studying art, which ultimately led to a peaked interest in Architecture that he would later pursue in college. “My passion for drawing as a child lead me to six years in art school which took most of my childhood. After that, I went to study architecture in college, that gave me interesting sense of art, perspective and taste.” Oleg would soon begin taking pictures to bring texture into his architectural work, and that was when he realized that photography was his true passion. “Now I see photography as a natural extension of my passion for the arts.”

Oleg Knock has earned the international respect of artists & photographers alike, and is acutely aware of the speed at which the photography industry is constantly evolving. “We need to understand that not only how we look or what we are wearing will change, but the tools we use to complete the job are expanding at the fastest rate in history.” His melding of technology & art have led to cutting edge headshots that are playing critical roles in many entrepreneurial presentations, social media, and commercial brandings worldwide.

My passion pushes me to always do more than I really need to, capture the real essence of a person. I want your shots to be fresh, pop, and serve best for your needs.”

See you in the lens,

Oleg Knock.

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