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Well, for starters, I’m a hungry human. Hungry for creative outlets, for a perfectly framed shot, for a client who goes on adventures with me. For art that defies and rearranges and turns itself inside out.

“How do I pronounce your name?”

Ayla, like I-love-you. Eye-luh.

“How can you be a writer and a photographer?”

Easy! A short attention span, the hunger that I mentioned before, and a love of multi-media release. I need writing and photography equally, otherwise I burn myself out. Changing my medium is my favorite way to stay creative and learn more about what I want from this big blue world. I am a creative writing student at Columbia College Chicago, and I write poetry and nonfiction. You can see more of my written work on http://www.aylamaisey.com/published-works/. Photography lets me come at my art from the other side — I spend hours a week using language to form a picture, and in my photography, I use a picture to say something. On my Instagram, I have the rare opportunity to combine my art! Fabulous photo on top, a poem in the caption.

“I love your photography — what goes into your prices?”

Every photographer I know takes their prices very seriously — we incorporate the value of our (and your) time, the fancy equipment we are using to translate our skill into a beautiful session, and the love we put into each shot when we’re editing. If you are on a tight budget, I’m happy to work with you! My sessions are collaborative and tailored to my clients’ wants and needs. My prices are already pitched low to open the doors to students and other lovely people. You can see more of my packages and prices here.

“I’m sold! How can I contact you for a session?”

You can use the booking form on my website or here on Athenasphere. Talk soon!

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