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We’re a community of passionate dreamers, connecting people who spread love and encouragement to each other in real life. We believe that you deserve a safe place to share your passion.

We are working to create a vibrant social marketplace of students, residents, locals, visitors and tourists happily sharing their spare time with one another. Our mission is not to have you sitting in front of a computer but to get you offline connecting with the people around you.

We launched in Chicago in 2017 and this year we are expanding to more US cities. But you can join Athenasphere wherever you are! Joining is easy: create a free athenasphere store and start sharing!

It is FREE to join, list, and share your passion.

We are always looking to improve and wanting to hear from our expanding community. We would love to hear your ideas on how we can make athenasphere ideal for you or how excited you already are about it! So please get in touch by leaving us comments:)

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